Submission: Cyclist Struck at 6th and H Sts NW

Date: 10/29/10
Approx Time: 11PM
ajp writes:
Was leaving dinner at a place on H street tonight on my way home when I came upon a rider who had either been hit or collided with a prius. Car was stopped at a 45 degree angle in the right/north lane and rider down in the rear passenger quarter area. She was freaking out… Bunch of folks standing around not doing anything (had just happened) and guy on the ground who was out cold tangled up with his bike leaning on the prius – from a distance didn’t look good at all.

I gave first aid. Nobody had done anything – dude was over the bars faceplant on the pavement, bike leaning against the car upside down and between legs and out cold – there was a helmet on the top of the car but not sure how it got there – not on his head when I walked up. From the angle we walked up from – and a lot of other people were looking on – it kind of looked really bad – which is why I don’t think anyone already there had tried to approach or revive him. He was bleeding/pooling blood on the pavement from the head as I walked up and fortunately I was able to get some towels from a passerby. Was breathing fortunately and started regaining consciousness as I checking his breathing/was yelling at him.

Anyway my friend flagged down a passing park police cruiser who got MPD and paramedics there within about 5 minutes (conveniently close by for the John Stewart taping two blocks away).

MPD took his bike off the street and he was transported.

Not sure exactly what happened as I didn’t see it but it looks like the driver may have made a quick uturn to try to nab a parking spot and turned into the path of the rider. Was dark and didn’t see lights or whatever but it’s pretty light around there…anyway. There was no evidence of skidding and the bike was a blueish frame with cane creek headset and blue aero rims. single gear not sure if fixed.

If anyone knows someone who got jacked Fri after 11th at this address hopefully he’s not too messed up. Bike didn’t appear to be too jacked – rims appeared to be intact and no obvious frame damage – just a dent in the prius side door.


About struckdc

Pedestrians and cyclists are hit in the District every day. We're advocating for better reporting to make DC safer for all.
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