Submission: Cyclist Struck at 15th and RI NW

Date: 11/2/10
Approx Time: 10AM
“Two lanes of traffic were merging into the left lane to get around a parked car. I started passing the merging vehicles on the far right. A minivan cab in the right lane drifted to the left, as if he was merging left, then abruptly turned into a parking lot on the right without signaling. I struck his passenger door and skidded along the side of the car. I expected to roll over the hood and crash, but my shoulder clipped the mirror and I came to a stop. Mostly harmless.

Oddest part: The cab’s passenger was returning from the hospital after being mugged and stabbed in the head. We took turns saying “”I’m fine… are YOU okay?”” before I rode away. “


About struckdc

Pedestrians and cyclists are hit in the District every day. We're advocating for better reporting to make DC safer for all.
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