Submission: Cyclist Struck at 1st and S Sts, NW

Date: 11/22/10
Approx Time: 10PM
Jacqui writes:

I was on my bike heading West on S St. NW, coming up to 1st St. NW. I stopped at the 4 way stop intersection, and yielded to the car on my left heading North. I then proceeded across the intersection continuing West, as it was my turn. A man on my right, heading South on 1st, driving a 4 door Ford Focus from Maryland, did not yield the right of way, and went through the intersection shortly after I did. He collided with me, and I ended up on the hood of his car. He slammed on the brakes, and I ended up on the ground.

I had pain in my back, and about 5 people stopped to call 911, and help me get out of the street, and lock my bike up.

A fire truck arrived, followed by an ambulance, and finally a police car.

I was put in the ambulance, and while the EMTs were asking me questions, I could hear the police questioning the man who hit me, and I heard them issue him a ticket. I just got the police report and it says the ticket was for “failure to clear intersection.” I’m not sure how that applies to what happened. I thought for sure the ticket would be for failure to yield.

I ended up with two fractured ribs, a mangled bike, and broken glasses.


About struckdc

Pedestrians and cyclists are hit in the District every day. We're advocating for better reporting to make DC safer for all.
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