Submission: Cyclist Struck at 5th and D, NE

Date: 3/29/11
Approx time: 6PM
I was crossing the street with about 50 seconds left on the crosswalk when a black woman in a dark-colored sedan plowed through her red light and hit me. She continued to yell that you can turn right on red in DC and I told her that didn’t matter and did she understand that she did not have the right of way and hit a pedestrian as a result. She yelled sorry and drove away.

A witness, the night guard at the building where the accident happened, wrote down the car’s license plate and encouraged me to make a police report and to use her as a witness. I made one as soon as I got home in the case that some physical pain came up later.

The frustrating thing is that I use that bicycle to get to work and am working two jobs and broke. And the bike was not fancy in the first place so to request that she fix it is unrealistic.



About struckdc

Pedestrians and cyclists are hit in the District every day. We're advocating for better reporting to make DC safer for all.
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One Response to Submission: Cyclist Struck at 5th and D, NE

  1. jindc says:

    There isn’t a stop light at the corner of 5th & D sts. NE.

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