Submission: Cyclist Struck on 14th between U and V

Date: 3/18/11
Approx time: 6PM
I was biking northbound in the right lane. A bus was pulled over at the bus stop with its rear angled out about halfway into the driving lane. I looked behind me, saw a car about half a block back, and moved to go around the bus. The car apparently didn’t want me in the driving lane (as opposed to the parking lane – the bike lane has ended by then), or maybe didn’t think I had the right of way even though I had been ahead of her the whole time. At any rate, she didn’t slow down or move to the left lane. Instead she sideswiped me in that same lane as we were both going around the bus. Her passenger side mirror hit my elbow and snapped in but didn’t break. I didn’t lose my balance so I kept riding. She looked in her rearview and then zoomed off. It was a new maroon Chevy sedan with Maryland plates. I didn’t get the plate number. I rode on the sidewalk the rest of the way up 14th street after that.

-Ginger Ammon


About struckdc

Pedestrians and cyclists are hit in the District every day. We're advocating for better reporting to make DC safer for all.
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