Submission: Pedestrian Struck by Cyclist at 16th and V, NW

Date: 5/13/11
Approx Time: 9AM
A cyclist struck a pedestrian on 16th Street NW, just north of V Street. Both southbound lanes of traffic had lines of stopped cars at the intersection (including my stopped S9 bus), and a bicyclist passed between them, along the white dotted line, toward the intersection. At the same time, a pedestrian jaywalked from the west side of 16th, through the stopped cars. The biker collided with him as he stepped into the space between the two southbound lanes. The cyclist did not exhibit severe wounds, and he moved his bike out of the road and stayed to help the man, at least until an ambulance and police car arrived (when I left). The man remained on the ground, right between the two southbound lanes, apparently pretty hurt. I don’t know how fast the biker was traveling, but the bus would have blocked the line of sight between the two men until the cyclist was about 15 feet from the spot of the collision.

DC Fire and EMS said on Twitter:

Update – (920a) – ped struck – 16th St & V St NW – pedestrian struck by bicycle – EMS transported 1 adult male Prioruty 1, serious – MPD inv

About struckdc

Pedestrians and cyclists are hit in the District every day. We're advocating for better reporting to make DC safer for all.
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