Submission: Cyclist Struck in Mount Rainier Traffic Circle (with video)

Date: 7/11/11
Approx Time: 9AM
I got sideswiped this morning by a guy driving one of those white box delivery trucks as I was exiting Mount Rainier’s traffic circle. The driver attempted to pass me when there was not enough space and the side of his truck brushed up again my arm. I swerved out of the way (more like was pushed out of the way) and nearly fell over onto the curb. Somehow I stayed upright and promptly crossed the street to where the police station is.

Conveniently the police were out monitoring traffic so I told the officer what happened. He jumped into his car and raced after the guy. The guy came back to the police station and we talked about what happened. He said he saw me riding in the street but he didn’t see me as he was passing. That’s a little hard to understand since I’m on a day-glo orange bike wearing a orange safety vest with a super blinky light in back. The officer thought he was telling the truth though so after discussing it with me I decided to have him give the guy a ticket for ‘failing to yield’ which is a $120 hit.

I wasn’t hurt at all but was just shaken up. I did have my video camera rolling so I will post video tonight on my blog. Stay safe!

“I wrote about it here: and it has a video.

Submitted by: Evan

About struckdc

Pedestrians and cyclists are hit in the District every day. We're advocating for better reporting to make DC safer for all.
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