Submission: Pedestrian Struck by Cyclist at 16th and V, NW

Date: 5/13/11
Approx Time: 9AM
A cyclist struck a pedestrian on 16th Street NW, just north of V Street. Both southbound lanes of traffic had lines of stopped cars at the intersection (including my stopped S9 bus), and a bicyclist passed between them, along the white dotted line, toward the intersection. At the same time, a pedestrian jaywalked from the west side of 16th, through the stopped cars. The biker collided with him as he stepped into the space between the two southbound lanes. The cyclist did not exhibit severe wounds, and he moved his bike out of the road and stayed to help the man, at least until an ambulance and police car arrived (when I left). The man remained on the ground, right between the two southbound lanes, apparently pretty hurt. I don’t know how fast the biker was traveling, but the bus would have blocked the line of sight between the two men until the cyclist was about 15 feet from the spot of the collision.

DC Fire and EMS said on Twitter:

Update – (920a) – ped struck – 16th St & V St NW – pedestrian struck by bicycle – EMS transported 1 adult male Prioruty 1, serious – MPD inv

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Submission: Cyclist Struck at 14th and T NW

Date: 5/11/11
Time: 10AM
Flatbed AAA tow truck passing cyclist southbound 14th street, struck cyclist from behind with large right-side mirror. EMS transported.

More here.

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Submission: Cyclist Struck at 11th and P, NW

Date: 4/6/11
Approx time: 5PM
Vehicle turned right into me in bike lane as I was traveling north on 11th Street. Driver acknowledged that she did not signal and made a split second decision to turn right to avoid traffic further north. My bicycle received an as of yet undetermined amount of damage. I have a sore thumb. I called 911 and police responded within 10 minutes. I filed a police report and collected drivers insurance information.

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Submission: Cyclist Struck at 7th and Constitution, NW

Date: 4/4/11
Approx time: 1PM
Cluster of 4 cyclists riding single file on the right side of the rightmost traffic lane (cars parked along the street), southbound on 7th Street NW, just south of Constitution. Metro bus passed the back three very closely (within a foot), lead rider about 30 feet ahead of the others was sideswiped and knocked down. Sustained minor injuries – scrapes, bruises, possibly a broken wrist – and was taken away in an ambulance. MTP took statements from the driver, the struck rider, and one of the trailing cyclists.

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Submission: Cyclist Struck at 5th and D, NE

Date: 3/29/11
Approx time: 6PM
I was crossing the street with about 50 seconds left on the crosswalk when a black woman in a dark-colored sedan plowed through her red light and hit me. She continued to yell that you can turn right on red in DC and I told her that didn’t matter and did she understand that she did not have the right of way and hit a pedestrian as a result. She yelled sorry and drove away.

A witness, the night guard at the building where the accident happened, wrote down the car’s license plate and encouraged me to make a police report and to use her as a witness. I made one as soon as I got home in the case that some physical pain came up later.

The frustrating thing is that I use that bicycle to get to work and am working two jobs and broke. And the bike was not fancy in the first place so to request that she fix it is unrealistic.


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Submission: Cyclist Struck on 14th between U and V

Date: 3/18/11
Approx time: 6PM
I was biking northbound in the right lane. A bus was pulled over at the bus stop with its rear angled out about halfway into the driving lane. I looked behind me, saw a car about half a block back, and moved to go around the bus. The car apparently didn’t want me in the driving lane (as opposed to the parking lane – the bike lane has ended by then), or maybe didn’t think I had the right of way even though I had been ahead of her the whole time. At any rate, she didn’t slow down or move to the left lane. Instead she sideswiped me in that same lane as we were both going around the bus. Her passenger side mirror hit my elbow and snapped in but didn’t break. I didn’t lose my balance so I kept riding. She looked in her rearview and then zoomed off. It was a new maroon Chevy sedan with Maryland plates. I didn’t get the plate number. I rode on the sidewalk the rest of the way up 14th street after that.

-Ginger Ammon

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Submission: Pedestrians Struck at 15th and Massachusettes, NW

Date: 2/27/11
Approx time: 1AM
I was hit at 16th and Mass Ave, NW at Scott Circle in the early morning hours of February 27, 2011. Fortunately, I sustained no life threatening injuries; however, I was rendered unconscious and admitted to GW hospital for several lacerations and a concussion. Another person who was walking with me was also hit but not admitted to the hospital. The driver fled the scene and no license plate information was obtained. It was a male driver in a silver Honda.

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